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About Montagut

French clothing company

MONTAGUT is a French clothing company founded in 1880 and directly-owned by the GROS family. We have built our expertise and outstanding footprint over more than a century from our roots in the village of Saint-Sauveur-de-Montagut in the south of France to China where the company has been present for more than 30 years with now up to 3,000 points of sale.

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The Montagut Collection

MONTAGUT encompasses several product lines. MONTAGUT COLLECTION, our core-collection, features casual chic French designs for those looking for elegance, distinction, comfortable materials and utmost quality, while MONTAGUT LATITUDE, our leisure wear statement, aims at capturing a younger target audience of energetic, urban people with a strong passion for adventure and searching for a modern, relaxed and functional style. Diverse categories such as down wear, underwear, leather bags and shoes, travelling accessories, pens & lighters, etc. complement the men’s and ladies’ wardrobe and contribute to making MONTAGUT a household name.

Collection Fil Lumière

The Fil Lumiere polo-shirt

With our signature “Fil Lumiere” polo-shirt, the full range of our top notch men’s wear, ladies wear and accessories, our network of qualied distributors and a strong integrated advertisement plan, MONTAGUT has gained remarkable recognition across all provinces of China. We have been acclaimed for our uncompromising quality, deep-rooted craftsmanship, tasteful classic designs, exceptional comfort and durability and subtle elegant French style. Alongside our dedication to bring our customers only the best, we are determined to input creativity, technological innovation and passion into our collections each season.

History of Montagut

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History Montagut 1880

Established in the Auzene Valley near Saint-Sauveur de Montagut in the South of France, Adolphe Tinland was a young entrepreneur eager to help his native Ardeche to benefit from the industrial expansion. He created a silk yarn factory which could work thanks to the motive force of the river.

The business was handed to his son Gaston and to the following generations.

History Montagut 1900
History Montagut 1925

Between the beginning of the twentieth century and the First World War, Paris was known to be the cradle of fashion to the rest of the world. As soon as the war was over, Georges Tinland, the son of Gaston, created a silk knitting factory named La Bonneterie Cevenole in the suburbs of Valence. He was the first one to sell lingerie and silk stockings with the brand MONTAGUT. With this factory, he was able to produce high end garments and meet the demands of an increasing number of customers focused on quality. This was the beginning of a long tradition of excellence for the Montagut brand name. His name is associated with the birth of the brand.

Like lots of Ardèche’s companies at the time, La Bonnetrie Cevennole helped the resistance by supplying panel vans and providing shelters to the refugees. That is the time when George Tinland steered MONTAGUT to produce high-end lingerie for the most demanding and quality-minded customers. It marks the beginning of a long tradition of excellence for MONTAGUT.

History Montagut 1900
History Montagut 1950

The post-war years were marked by a shortage of numerous natural materials. One of them was silk. To tackle this critical issue, nylon™ and rayon are introduced as new materials for lingerie and stockings. The MONTAGUT Flower makes its debut as future emblem of the brand.

Leo Gros, Georges Tinland’s son-in-law, designed an artificial yarn carrying all the features of silk. This very unique material was named FIL LUMIERE (which literally means “Light Yarn”) by his inventor. Never would have anyone imagined at that time that the company would shine thanks to his breakthrough. From this date on, Leo Gros’ constant drive to expand the brand internationally led him to travel all over the world and enabled his FIL LUMIERE polo shirts to be known and appreciated in the Middle-East and Asia. This was the very beginning of the worldwide development of MONTAGUT.

History Montagut 1963
History Montagut 1986

When Pierre Gros, son of Leo, joins MONTAGUT, the company is already acquiring technical expertise in the manufacture of fully fashioned sweaters in wool, cotton, cashmere and is becoming famous in many countries for its collections of fine knitwear in all kinds of natural yarns.

MONTAGUT as become the most famous brand for polo-shirts in China. The expansion of the brand took a spectacular turn at the beginning of the twenty-first century when Pierre Gros, decided to speed up the development of the MONTAGUT brand. Preserving French style and elegance as a motto, he opened numerous stores, especially across Asia, and promoted the FIL LUMIERE knitwear to new heights.

History Montagut 2000
History Montagut today

What used to be a little hand-knitting family workshop has now become an international and world-renown company. For five generations it has preserved its French genuineness and know-how in order to create products of exceptional quality, elegance and taste.