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This website displaying French men’s apparels or women’s apparels is dedicated to Montagut Fil Lumière signature polo shirts. The Fil Lumière is a high-quality nylon-based yarn solely produced by Montagut, the French specialist of fine knitted clothing. This bright, elastic and very resistant thread gives Montagut polo shirts several recognizable and remarkable features such as smooth hand feel, permanent shape, quick drying and breathable, thus providing a cool sensation on the skin even in hot and humid weather.

The Fil Lumière polo shirts are created and developed by our design department (located in France) with diverse cuts ranging from the classic to the trendiest ones and come in hundreds of shiny colors and exclusive patterns, making each style absolutely unique. The Fil Lumière polo-shirts, with their tasteful romantic design, reflect Montagut’s core values and tradition of genuine European heritage, uncompromising quality, premium craftsmanship and expertise, exceptional comfort and durability. You can buy on your favorite Fil Lumiere from the classiest to the trendiest.