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The FIL LUMIERE polo-shirt has been our signature product ever since its invention in France in 1964.

The FIL LUMIERE is a unique artificial fabric originated from Polyamide thanks to an exclusive MONTAGUT manufacturing process. Especially designed and tested for warm and humid climates, it is comparable to silk in terms of softness, suppleness, elasticity and extreme comfort but with enhanced durability, convenience and maintenance.

Every season the Fil lumière knitwear come in diverse fashionable styles of vibrant colors and creative patterns, upholding the brand reputation of quality, elegance and taste.

All our styles are created and developed in France, according to a high standard of know-how, making each product so unique.

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In 1963 the Montagut Fil Lumière is born. Named after its shiny texture that is comparable to silk, this exclusive synthetic yarn is the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process engineered by Leo Gros, the grand-son-in-law of the Montagut founder.

The Fil Lumiere polo-shirts are distinguished by their unique features of being soft, shining, comfortable with improved wrinkle resistance, durability and high color retention. The technological breakthrough radically accelerates the development of the brand and the Fil Lumiere knitwear have remained ever since, the most popular Montagut products, being especially acclaimed across Asia.

Unique Technology

Unique Technology

Exclusively created and developed in France by MONTAGUT, and especially invented for hot and humid climates, FIL LUMIERE is a shiny, elastic and resistant yarn which significantly enhances both functional and aesthetic qualities of garments.

Evaporating Perspiration

Evaporating Perspiration

Thanks to their smooth texture and large quantity resulting in an enormous surface area, fibers of FIL LUMIERE drain perspiration out of the knitwear by capillarity without wetting, thus always keeping the knitwear in dry and silky condition.

Quick Drying

Quick drying

Knitwear made of FIL LUMIERE absorb two times less water during washing and evaporate moisture three times faster than those made of cotton.

Cool Sensation

Cool Sensation

In warm weather, evaporation of perspiration leads to heat dissipation and a drop of temperature on the internal surface of the knitwear, providing a cool sensation on the skin.

Permanent Shape

Permanent Shape

Even without ironing, garments made of FIL LUMIERE are capable of maintaining permanent shape, shiny color and silky texture after washing.

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