Montagut has been developing and manufacturing fine knitwear since 1880. We have maintained ever since, high standards in the selection of fibres and we take pride in our centennial expertise in producing only the highest quality garments of unparalleled comfort, looks and durability in terms of wear and washing. We strive to create and develop our uniquely styled products using the crème de la crème of French know-how. The Montagut brand watchword is uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Montagut provides both animal- and plant-based fibre options, as well as artificial ones, sourced for their reliability, technical performance and sustainability. Our Cashmere garments use only authentic long fibre Cashmere yarns sourced from Himalayan goats that are never dyed as finished products, to provide you with only the very best expression of this luxury product. For our Merino knit products, we insist on the highest quality long, thin fibres made into wool by renowned Italian spinners. Montagut cotton is made using only Egyptian superior long fibres that are spun in Italy. Our wool-silk yarn is an original combination of wool’s soft fluffiness and natural silk’s inimitable hand feel and shine; our blended silk and bamboo yarns epitomise the light, supple feel of spring and summer collections and combine silk’s shine and elegant feel with organically produced, supple and breathable bamboo; Montagut’s exclusive process for Cashmere wool and silk threads, our most high-end fabric, is elevated through the use of technically perfect Swiss-processed Cashmere to ensure perfect blending with silk; finally, Fil Lumiere, our flagship product, has been a Montagut exclusive since the early 1960s, an artificial yarn boasting all of the properties of silk and none of the drawbacks.

Our manufacturing process is subjected to strict control measures. The “Fully-Fashioned” knitting process, manual linking of knitwear and in-house dyeing take no shortcuts and provide improved stability and creativity in terms of shape, dimensions, elasticity and colours. Eventually, we provide clear, comprehensive consumer labelling.

The best yarns for our knitwear


The best yarns for our knitwear

Heritage of quality and perfection


Heritage of quality and perfection

Timeless choice for high quality products


Timeless choice for high quality products

Enviromental respect and consumer protection


Enviromental respect and consumer protection

Montagut: The best yarns for our knitwear



Obtained from Himalayan Cashmere goat eece through combing, every once a year after winter; the authentic Cashmere yarn used by Montagut is a luxury product. Breeding zones of Cashmere goats are now at the mountains of Northern China and Southern Mongolia where are the best natural environment for goats.
For just one Cashmere sweater, it takes about 5 goats for their eece to be sheared o. The extremely ne Cashmere eece is about 15 to 20 microns of diameter, which gives great softness and silky touch. Montagut exclusively uses Cashmere’s long bers but never the inferior short bers, to ensure its yarns is “without hair tufts” and very resistant to pilling o.
Cashmere can also be dyed, may it be in bers or yarns or in nished products; but Montagut prefers to dye its yarns or bers which will increase the product durability. Cashmere often pill o when they are washed for the rst time and denitely when they are worn. This is because they are made of shorter and less expensive bers or dyed as nished products.
Montagut cashmeres give you smoothness and comfort and they will keep their sleek new look as well as their color for an indenite period of time.

merino wool


Merino sheep, originally from Spain, is the kind of breed which today dominates the wool production all over the world, the biggest producer of Merino wool being Australia.
Several quality of bers are found in the sheep’s eece, some are long and thin while others are shorter and thicker. The bers that give more smoothness are the nest ones. Merino wool traps a lot of air which in turn is a good insulator against cold weather. It can also capture a huge amount of humidity and can naturally block bacteria and odor.
Montagut chooses, from its most renowned spinners in Italy (the Biella region), the Merino wools that are elaborated by their nest regular threads, which means these threads come from the loftiest parts of the sheep’s eece.
The Merino Montagut sweaters and knits are lightweight, soft and smooth. Their knit is ne and regular and they have an exceptional resistance to pilling o and washing.

wool and silk


Montagut has mixed the two lofty materials to give you original products. The wool-silk yarn combines the softness, smoothness and uness of wool with the supple silky hand feel and shine of natural silk.
This original mixed yarn is used to create small pieces and outts in small gage, bright trendy colors and needless to say very comfortable.

fil lumière


Fil Lumiere is a very unique thread invented and registered by Montagut in the early 1960s. It has been our hero product for more than half a century. Thanks to an exclusive process, this articial yarn, made out of Polyamide. has been produced in small quantities in the Montagut factory of Guilherand-Granges.
The Fil Lumiere thread imitates all the qualities and properties of silk: softness, suppleness, elasticity and extreme comfort even in hot and humid climates. But unlike silk, it is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It is practically indestructible and can almost indenitely preserve its new look. This is the reason why Montagut never stops in designing new patterns with fashionable styles.
All our styles are created and developed in France, according to a high standard of know-how which makes each product so unique.

silk and bamboo


Montagut mixes silk and bamboo yarns to create a ne, supple and lightweight fabric for its spring summer collections.
The silk comes from Bombyx silkworms creating cocoons with their extremely ne, resistant and shiny slaver.
China has been the cradle of best silk yarns for nearly 3000 years, using silkworms up to year 560 without revealing this secret to others.
On the other hand, bamboo is a completely vegetal ber which is cultivated without fertilizers or pesticides. Its ber is smooth, shiny and breathable, as well as antibacterial, anti-UV and boasts non-iron properties.
The mixed yarn combines the elegance and shine of silk with the outstanding suppleness of bamboo.
Buying silk and bamboo clothes helps improve the economy growth in developing countries specialized in bamboo and silkworm cultivation while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.



Cotton ber is 100% vegetal and it contributes to the economic growth of many developing countries.
Montagut chose a thread from a long ber Egyptian cotton which is spun in Italy. The long bers make the thread more stable and the knit smoother and more regular.
The selected yarns make a soft knitted fabric which does not easily get wrinkled.
Montagut is very concerned by color and shape stability along with non-ironing properties.
The knitted fabrics, Polo-shirts and T-shirts are carefully handled in order to prevent all sorts of risks related to disgorge colors caused by washing.

cashmere and silk


Cashmere-silk Montagut products are the nest and the most high-end knitted fabrics of the collection.
To ensure product excellence, Montagut has even gone far in using Swiss threads which are renowned for their technicality and perfection, not to mention their costly price. Cashmere bers are carefully sorted out to eliminate all thickness irregularities, thus mixing it perfectly and intimately with silk.
The resulting thread allows Montagut to knit its garments which are readily stabilized in shape and luster through a very exclusive and original process.
The smoothness and suppleness of Cashmere together with the shine and resistant properties of silk make the knitted products of Cashmere-silk Montagut smooth, comfortable and soft. They are very nice to wear directly on the skin and easy to maintain; hence, incomparable to any other knitted fabric.

Montagut: Heritage of quality and perfection

The Montagut brand is our most precious asset, and can be reflected in our top-notch know-how and customers’ satisfaction. Our personnel spare no effort for the sake of quality and for your satisfaction. Suppliers and materials are selected according to their reliability, technicality and the attitude towards eco-responsibility.Manufacturing processes are chosen to guarantee the samples’ features as well as performance. Systematic control measures are given to each fabrication stage.

  • Control on threads (titration, elasticity, toughness, torsion, brightness) .
  • Control on knitted fabrics (mesh regularity, no defects, shape, cleanliness) .
  • Control on finished products (general aspect, shape, resistance to seams, exactness of colors)

Various tests are carried out by sampling at our request in accredited laboratories, and are recognized as IFTH (wearing test, washing, drying, pilling, color solidity). Montagut regularly organizes many refinement stages and training programs for its personnel, led by suppliers of new machines or renowned organizations. The expectations and feedback of our clients are reflected and taken into consideration for sustained improvement of Montagut’s products and services.

heritage of quality and perfection
timeless choice for hight quality products

Montagut: Timeless choice for high quality products

Fine knitwear since 1880 : this slogan has corresponded from our beginning (silk yarning) to our expertise in the production of any kinds of very fine to dense knitted fabrics.

“Fully-Fashioned”: this term means that the majority of our products are knitted using lengthening and shortening processes in order to avoid cutting fabric “by the yard”, which is a source of warping after washing. This more complex knitting process gives very good stability to shape and dimensions for a long time.

Knitwear linked manually : all our products, once knitted are linked manually which at times gives the most creative shapes and ensures solidity and great elasticity of seams that do not create uncomfortable leftovers.

Integrated dye : Montagut uses its own yarn processing units for dyeing, which allows for limitless creation of fashionable colors and yarns.

Montagut: Environmental respect and consumer protection

Montagut factories are regularly presented as examples of prevailing excellence for working conditions. Among all its suppliers, and before initiating any cooperation, Montagut verifies good working conditions, good company reputation and the respect of rights among its workers. Therefore subcontracting is not permitted.

The dyes of our factories and those of our suppliers’ only use products causing no harm to the health of workers and consumers, and also conform to REACH norms. Those factories and suppliers are equipped with their own purification and recycling plants which perfectly safeguard the local environment. Our installations are regularly checked by verification bodies.

Thanks to the integration of Montagut in every stage of knitwear manufacturing, we can safeguard environmental and health norms on all our fabric knitting business.

environmental respect and consumer protection